Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open and how can I shop with you

We are open as normal and we have plenty of stock but you now need to preorder before you arrive at our farm shop,  Please order online or by phone, and we will then prepare your order, which we can either deliver by Parcelforce, or which you can collect safely from our farm without having contact with people.  

When will my order be delivered?

When you have filled your basket, go to the checkout where you will be able to select the next available delivery date.  

How do I set up a regular order?

You can set up a regular order by placing your order through our website as usual.  Each order needs to be completed one by one.  If you would like an order in the future simply fill your basket, go to the checkout, select the future delivery date you require and pay as usual.  If you would like to pre-book another order for a later date, simply repeat the process of filling your basket, going to the checkout, selecting the required delivery date and paying to complete the order.  

Can I order for a vulnerable friend or relative?

Of course, simply fill in their name, address and phone number in the shipping address section of the checkout.  

Is is safe to receive a parcel transported by Parcelforce?

Public Health England (PHE) has advised that people receiving parcels are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19). From experience with other coronaviruses, we know that these types of virus don't survive long on objects, such as letters or parcels. This complements the highly publicised guidance from PHE for people to wash their hands more often than usual using soap and hot water.

Do I still have to sign for my Parcelforce parcel when it arrives?

Yes you do, but in order to protect both Parcelforce drivers and customers as much as possible, Parcelforce will not be handing over hand-held devices to customers to capture electronic signatures.  Parcelforce drivers will instead log the first and last name of the person accepting the item, then put 'XP1' in the signature field, and will record the geolocation of the delivery.  This will apply to all deliveries that normally require a signature. 

What happens to the parcel if the person receiving the order is unable to come to the door or is self-isolating?

Parcelforce cannot leave a parcel unless someone signs for it to accept receipt.  If the Parcelforce driver is unable to find anyone to sign for a parcel they will post a customer contact card advising of other ways the recipient can arrange to get their item, for example, by getting a friend or family member (who is not resident with someone who is self-isolating) to collect the parcel from their local Parcelforce depot or Post Office branch, as specified on the card.  The person collecting from the Parcelforce depot will need to bring along the card Parcelforce left and a form of ID in the name of the person the item is addressed to.  Examples of suitable ID are specified on the card.


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