Grass Fed Beef

We supply grass fed Irish Moiled beef and Dexter beef.  Irish Moiled is an ancient cattle breed from Ulster, which until the second world war was common in Northern Ireland and kept by smallholders as a house cow.  They are a dual purpose breed, the male calves would be fattened as beef cattle, and the cow would also provide milk for the household.  They were called a thrifty breed, which meant that they were capable of thriving on rough pasture without additional feeding. 

These beef cattle are farmed 'extensively' which means they forage and graze on foliage and grass and grow slowly at a natural pace without being forced on with grain feeding.  They naturally reach maturity at around 30 months old. Allowing the animal to grow slowly and naturally produces excellent taste, texture and marbling.  Our grass-fed beef is hung on the bone and dry aged for at least 42 days to become tender and to develop a deep flavour.


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