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Quick Frozen Meat for lower histamine

We developed these products for our baby grandson, who was born with food intolerances and allergies and who has been greatly helped by following a low histamine diet.  We have also been providing these products for years to individual customers who are attempting to minimise the histamine in their diet. 

All meat develops histamine, it is a natural process, so it is impossible to produce histamine free meat. Some people with histamine intolerance can eat some meat, other people with a very high level of histamine intolerance cannot tolerate any meat. 

The meat in this range is butchered and frozen within approximately 3 days of slaughter - it is butchered as soon as it arrives with us from the abattoir and frozen immediately.  It should be stored frozen, thawed quickly, cooked as soon as thawed, and when cooked eaten immediately, or frozen immediately as a cooked meat. Cooked dishes (e.g. moussaka or roast lamb) should be eaten or frozen immediately they are cooked, not left in the fridge for several days, as histamine continues to develop in cooked meats. 

The quick frozen (non-hung) chicken is eviscerated shortly after being killed and then  frozen immediately. (This is in contrast to our standard Free Range Chicken products which are game hung for 4 days before evisceration). 

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