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Free range bronze turkeys

There’s nothing as good as a slow-grown, proper free-range bronze turkey. This is a traditional slow-growing breed which flourishes outdoors on rich County Down grass.   The turkey chicks are brought in as two-day old chicks in late spring. We keep them inside in the warm for first three weeks in a barn as they grow feathers to protect them and keep them warm outdoors. Once the chicks have grown feathers they are moved to outside pasture where they spend the summer in the mild climate beside Strangford Lough.  They spend their days grazing on grass and show the natural behaviour of a woodland birds.  They are fed a natural diet, free of artificial additives and chemicals just grains, grass, nettles and other foliage which they forage. The turkeys growth is not rushed and they are allowed mature at their own natural pace. During November they are fed only on wheat grown on the farm to further develop their deep flavour.  The birds are game hung for 10 – 12 days and dry-plucked to keep the skin dry, which will ensure crispy turkey skin on the cooked bird.  All our turkeys are fully oven ready and come with their own giblets in a sealed bag so you can make ample gravy. 

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