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Product images & weights

Please note your goods may vary slightly from the pictures on the website. . The images of the meat on our website are for illustrative purposes only. As meat is a natural product, each carcase we butcher is individual and even within the same breed carcases vary in size, overall weight, levels of fat cover, colour and marbling etc.  The product you receive may not look exactly like the image of the product on the website, as individual meat qualities e.g.level of subcutaneous fat, colour of muscle vary from animal to animal.

Although complete carcases vary in size the butcher will cut the meat cut as closely as he can to match the weight of the meat product sold. This means that, for example, a rib eye steak of 200 g  may vary in dimensions when cut from one beef carcase compared to that cut from another. The steaks from a smaller beast will be smaller but thicker, and those of a larger beast will be wider but thinner, but in both cases the steaks will weigh 200 g approximately, As our meat is cut by hand it may vary slightly in shape and appearance from batch to batch. The product packaging of our goods may vary from that shown on images on our website.

We cut  meat as accurately as possible, but as this is a natural product the weight of the product supplied may vary slightly from the weight ordered. It is impossible for the butcher to be absolutely precise when cutting meat and poultry weights and weights of poultry portions (e.g. chicken breasts) vary slightly from week to week depending on the exact age of the birds when killed.  Customers who have paid in advance online will not have to pay more if they are delivered or collect a heavier product than than purchased, but we will not make a refund if a product is less than 10% lighter than that prepaid online

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