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Poultry shelf life and storage

Free range chickens, free range turkeys Ireland

Fresh poultry has a short shelf life.  All the free range poultry we sell has been game hung for up to 10 days prior to plucking and cleaning out to intensify the flavour. 

The shelf life of oven ready poultry once it has been cleaned out and dry plucked is as follows:

Fresh turkeys 4 days from cleaning and plucking

Fresh chickens 4 days from cleaning and plucking

Ducks 4 days from cleaning and plucking

Geese 4 days from cleaning and plucking

Partridge, quail, game birds - the shelf life is set by the producer when they pack the product - it varies by product but averages 4-5 days from packing

Fresh poultry is a highly perishable product and will have a use by date on the label.  It is essential to keep all poultry chilled (really cold to the touch) from the moment you buy it until you cook it.  Fresh poultry must be transported from the shop in a chill bag to keep it very cold and must be put in a refrigerator within 2 hours of purchase.  Remove the outer plastic bag before storing your poultry in the fridge and store the poultry in a covered dish on the bottom shelf of the fridge.  Fresh poultry must be stored in a refrigerator running at 2 degrees C or colder until the use by date and must be cooked on or before the use by date. Alternatively fresh poultry can be put into a freezer as soon as you buy it, or before the use by date.  Once cooked chicken, turkey, goose and duck has a shelf life of 2 days in a refrigerator.  




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