Slow food

 All the meat and poultry we sell is produced from traditional Irish and British farm animal breeds and by time honoured methods of slow natural livestock rearing. This means allowing animals to grow at their natural pace, rearing them outdoors all their lives so that they exercise and only gain weight slowly as they mature.

By using these methods meat production is not forced and as a result the meat has time to develop the deep flavour which comes from mature animals, rather than over fed young animals. When the carcases are butchered, pork is hung for one week and chickens for five days in order to further develop the flavour of the food. We dry age our grass fed beef and wild venison for up to 42 days, and lamb is hung for two weeks.  Our hams and bacons are dry cured using a traditional cure which permeates through the pork for 4 weeks, then the hams and bacon flitches are hung to air dry for another 6 weeks, before smoking over oak.