Free range Turkey

Our traditional bronze and white Turkeys are fully free-range and are reared naturally and slowly for considerably longer than other farm turkeys.  The turkey chicks are hatched in summer and are brought in from a specialist breeder as 2-day old chicks.  They spend the first few weeks inside in a sheltered barn until their feathers grow so they are protected from the weather and the elements.  They are then let out onto grass at three weeks old, and spend the summer grazing on grass.  Every night they are locked in a large barn in the evening to protect them from foxes.  They are fed a diet of natural whole cereals, and from November on-wards are fattened on wheat grown on the farm to give extra flavour. They are killed on the farm in a small poultry processing facility – this is less stressful for the birds as they are not transported away from the farm.  After killing they are game hung for 2 weeks to develop the flavour, then dry plucked to ensure a delicious dry skin which will crisp up beautifully when they are roasted

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