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Free range hams

We offer free range dry cured traditional Christmas Hams for sale, produced from our own herd of rare breed free range outdoor Tamworth pigs.  We also produce gourmet dry cured hams from wild boar and Iron Age pigs, which are a cross of pure wild boar with Tamworth pigs.  Our hams are traditionally dry cured for 3 weeks, then left to dry and hang for 1 month. They are then ready for sale as unsmoked hams, or are further smoked over oak wood. These are specialist gourmet hams, produced in very limited quantities on our own farm.  

A word to the cautious about supermarket hams and pork.  This year supermarkets are offering something called 'outdoor-bred' dry cured gammons. Read more - what's the difference between proper free range ham and 'outdoor-bred' gammon

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